N7 Technology

After years of bio research comes N7, patented antioxidant and micro emulsified technology
The special union of vegetal substances and innovation forms the basis of the concept of holistic beauty for the hair. This alchemy offers superior performance, from the color to the styling.


N7 is a young and flexible reality which carefully observes the evolution of the marketplace which opens up new horizons in the field of hair cosmetics.
The company was born from the experience and intuition of the owners, who over time have developed this project, with the intention of offering substantially superior results, along with the possibility of expanding its product line on a large scale.
The laboratory of production is the heart of the company, because the products manufactured here, ensure high quality standards for the 100% natural raw materials used. And also here comes CNB7, the innovative NATURAL molecular complex, certified and patented, carefully evaluated both during formulation and during the production phase, to achieve an excellent result from every point of view.
All products are made from natural active ingredients; no petroleum, no chemical preservatives, no peg, no ammonia, no nickel …

We produce beauty in synergy with Nature.

N7 is:

  • -Eccentricity: because it makes innovative concepts emerge within both the artistic and technological field
  • -Refinement: as it cultivates elegance
  • -Intuitiveness: for the simplicity of use; allowing quick and efficient results
  • -Completeness: in meeting every needs
  • Globally: for the adaptability of the products in the countries where they operate
  • -Balance: as it creates the perfect harmony between beauty and wellness
  • -Ergonomics: intended as the integration between human labor and working environment, aimed at greater efficiency of the work itself


In N7’s visionary approach, nature is present in the artist, not only as granted and inspired creativity, but they also cooperate together; justified by the need to contribute to the respect of the environment and by the need to establish a balance within innovation, art and nature.
N7 is the innovation inspired by nature, modeled and transformed by art, in order to reach and satisfy whoever desires to achieve excellence without harming people and the environment.

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