A-PLEX - Reset your hair

A new leap in the world of color and new benefits for successful realizations with A-plex. The new technology that revolutionizes the coloring, discoloration and reconstruction treatments.

The A-plex formulas are 4 and help to safeguard and rebuild the hair form the inside, both during and after all technical treatments.

Appearances that are not deceiving

A-plex Shampoo
Detergent preparer that does not attack the hair. It can also be used as a maintenance shampoo, as it is designed not to alter the results of the A-plex treatment.

A-plex Step 1
Product to be mixed with the bleaching powder, or in addition to coloring. Its unique biological composition allows you to color and discolor safely, thanks to components that strengthen the hair fiber, preventing damage and protecting them from all chemical aggressions.

A-plex Step 2
Product in cream with active ingredients and characteristics of the A-plex 1. To be applied before shampooing, It does not need to be activated with a technical treatment.

A-plex Home
Maintenance product that can easily be used at home. It contains the same active ingredient of A-plex Step 1 and 2, but can easily be applied between a salon service and anther. It keeps the hair from any kind of aggression.

Why choose A-plex?

A-plex rebuilds hair from the inside surpassing the usual restorative treatments that frequently are limited to an external effect; freshly manicured voluminous hair that we find bitterly undone the day after.

With A-plex the “next day” hair does not scare!The hair fiber is protected and healed inside, preventing the destruction of the bonds involved in chemical processes (such as discoloration) or mechanical processes (hairdryer, plates etc …).

Also A-plex is compatible with all types of hair, from the more full-bodied to the more subtle and delicate.

You will always be the essence of my beauty.

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