N7 Cocoa butter

I love my lips: I love them because they are forced not to touch each other if they want to say “I hate you” and forced to join if they want to say “I love you.”

N7 also cares about the sensibility of your face, in particular, the extreme sensitiveness of your lips!

Because of factors such as, cold, dryness, the tendency to cracking, streaks may occur, which in the long term may transform into minor wounds. To treat them, not only in a purely aesthetic way, but also to prevent possible infections, N7 Cocoa Butter provides the solution that protects your lips and gives an immediately enjoyable look; its emollient and softening properties emanate a beneficial effect on the skin restoring moisture and shine.

100% pure

Antioxidant properties: stimulates collagen synthesis, restoring tone and elasticity to the lips.

Nutritive properties: plays a protective effect


Tradition, sophistication and high quality in Body by N7 … The Shea Butter, absolute protagonist of an unprecedented journey of everyday beauty, strictly pure and 100% natural. A “hand made” product, not altered in its essence, that meets the multiple needs of the skin.

A rare product, born from the result of a real know-how in the field of natural cosmetics.

Curiosity: Shea butter is extracted from the kernel of the fruit of an African tree also known as the “tree of youth“. It has been used for centuries by indigenous people for its unique peculiarities.

100% natural and pure, it contains no synthetic elements, parabens, allergens and nickel. The only one that is untreated, which maintains its therapeutic qualities.

Properties: rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin A and E, in solid oily substance, known for its wonderful nourishing and elastic properties for the skin. It also contains, healing, emollient, preventive (for stretch marks during pregnancy) anti wrinkle, moisturizing, plumping, anti-oxidant, soothing, restorative, film-forming and protective properties.

A tribute to the primordial beauty

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