n7 – wave system
Wave System

Wave System

Perm and Fixing

N7 Technology presents N7 Wave System, the permanent system studied to give waves and curls with a single versatile product, recommended for bleached, lightened, colored, normal or thin hair.

The formula acts with no ammonia and no thioglycolic acid, a care that allows to create waves and curls on all hair type, even fragile ones. less irritation, but reconstruction inside the hair structure damaged from former aggressive treatments. Also, thanks to the contained ingredient, the cysteammine HCI, the system effectively eliminates the risk of braking the hair.

With N7 Wave System you can give up hair straighteners, flat and curling iron to have the desired curls. Nobody will tell you: you got a perm!

Category: Arbitrium
Available in: 150ml + 200ml

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