Genius Color Cream

Genius Color Cream

Dye Cream

Some chemicals such as para-phenylenediamine and ammonia, present in many hair dyes, can cause skin and respiratory diseases.

The continuous research by N7 laboratories, committed to creating products that combine ease of use, respect for the natural hair texture and excellent results, led to the creation of Color Cream. Particularly sensitive permanent color without ammonia, ppd, no added metals. Its innovative velvety cream texture and being completely odorless, makes the coloring service an opportunity to take care of the hair nourishing it and respecting its structure with the utmost delicacy.

The total absence of ammonia fumes and the protective action of natural active ingredients, enable the practitioner to operate with maximum comfort and safety with the customer.

Color Cream is indicated for hair that is impoverished by frequent chemical, mechanical and environmental stress, sensitized by repeated chemical treatments, subject to rapid weakening and structural aging. Also indicated for treated porous hair, that consequently go towards a fading process more quickly.

  • No limit Color = 0.0001 impact on the environment
  • 100% coverage of white, without the use of ammonia
  • The easiest, fastest and natural way to preserve and highlight your beauty

Category: Genius
Available in: 100ml

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